Thursday, December 24, 2009

holidays...with cocktails

Perhaps you saw this? LUPEC's debut in the Style section of the Globe's "G"?

I'd recommend you try any of these drinks as you gear up for a weekend with the family and whatever that may bring this Christmas.

Silent Night Punch, my contribution and a beverage of which I am particularly fond, will cast a rosy glow over any party. Just don't drink too much, lest your night become fully cloaked in silence, as it might if one were to black out or something.

Cin cin!


Blasé said...

oh, I get it!

Romantic Guy said...

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Texas breast reduction said...

Hi Kitty,
First of all, wish you a very happy and a prosperous new year! I tried silent night punch at my friend's bachelors' party last weekend. It really cast a rosy glow kind of atmosphere. It was quite strong and one of my friends who is an amateur at drinking was knocked off to blackness!