Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am sitting on the hearth of the fireplace at Toro, doing my cash out with my fellow servers. A former employee who now works as a realtor, has been sitting at the bar with a friend having cocktails, for the past hour or so. I caught him looking at me three or four times earlier, before I knew who he was. (My initial thought: "Why is that tall blond guy staring at me? Do I have something on my face?") Eventually he comes over to where I sit with the other servers to say hi. He takes a seat right next to me on the hearth.

ME: I'm Kitty. Who are you?
ME: Hey, I know you! Yes, I met you one day on the street when you were walking by my apartment. You came right up to me and my friend while we were sitting outside on the stoop and asked us how we liked living here. You said that you were the person who originally listed our apartment. You didn't show it to us, but you gave the listing to my realtor, Joe.
REALTOR: Really? I don't remember that at all. I don't think so, that wasn't me.
ME: Yes, it definitely was. I'm sure of it. How many tall blond realtors named Emile could there possibly be in the South End? It was you.
REALTOR: Nah. I would have remembered that. Because I most definitely would have remembered meeting you. (He nods and looks up at me flirtatiously while tilting his head down to take a sip of red wine. The fact is, I've seen this guy before, and I've talked to him before, and I also had to call him once to ask him about something pertaining to my lease, which means that I've even spoken on the phone to him before. But at that time, I was still a brunette.)
ME: Yeah, you're right, BLOND REALTOR GUY. I'm sure you would have remembered meeting me.

Apparently as a blonde, I'm unforgettable.


hi-wy said...

Dear Kitty,
I stumbled upon your blog through some bored at work clicking frenzy but I am so thrilled to have found you. Kizmet, I think. I have been a natural blonde my whole life until 1 year ago when my Karen said "have you ever thought of going dark?" Sure, yea. Go for it, Karen. And so she did. I have had dark chestnut, perfect cup of Pete's coffee colored hair ever since. My world has changed. And I always feel so vain and daffy when I mention to someone newly met, "I used to be blonde" (not totally out of context) because it is hard for people to understand how drastically things differ. Even now, I still feel like I am in disguise, these new dark caterpiller eyebrows (because of course they have always been blonde too) make me feel like groucho marx fresh out of the salon. And, the endless re-introductions since no one know I haven't seen in awhile knows who I am anymore.
So I love reading about your transformation because I know it too just from the other side of the looking glass. I miss my blonde self especially when I see some perfect white nordic blonde hair like the women who were Anthropologie's summer catalog - my heart aches a little bit. But this new me is dark and sultry and not so american pie-in-a-corn field which also has its pluses.

So relish your blondeness for me and know that you have this kindred reversi spirit out here very excited to hear about your journey.

good luck and can't wait to read more.

Noemie said...

blonde hair must be the color for you! it just shows sometimes natural isn't better. although i think you can pull off both brunette and blonde hair, one of them will probably look the best and just be you, and it seems for you it's blonde. could be that blonde is so you and looks so lovely on you that you feel much more confident then and that's very attractive. probably a mixture of both.