Wednesday, January 11, 2006

November Blonde

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At long last! The blogging neophyte conquers photo hosting! The Mathemetician took this picture of me in Prague. Note my roots, which were just starting to grow out then. The photo captures the many layers of the blonde at that point, the different shades with highlights & lowlights. It has only gotten blonder since, and I will post photos soon to demonstrate as much. See, on my last visit to Jason on December 10, I arrived late, and he totally berated me. This was odd, because Jason is a friend, plus it's kinda weird & vulnerable to get yelled at by your stylist, when you know you're going to be sitting there at their mercy for like 2 hours. He was really mad and actually kinda mean! I think he was just in some sort of foul mood, and my lateness was the last straw, because after the first ten minutes, he started being all extra nice to make up for his 'tude. Anyway, I learned two important lessons that day.

#1 Don't be late for hair appointments, especially when your hair is a foot long and require 100 years for color, cut, and styling.
#2 Hell hath no fury like a stylist scorned. Don't fuck with your stylist, because they can seriously fuck up your locks.

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